What is The School-Based Collaboration with Families Model?

Most child academic, psychological and behavioral problems are not "intrapsychic" or "intrasomatic" - that is, caused by factors inside the child's mind or body. Rather they are "contextual" - that is, rooted in the interactions and communications between and among people in the child's life. Child problems, therefore, can best be avoided or solved by helping adults to agree on successful ways to interact with children and each other.

The Family-School Collaboration Program is a multi-dimensional program of family and school re-structuring which has as its goal the prevention or brief resolution of child academic, psychological, and behavioral problems. The program operates at all levels, pre-school through 12th grade, for any age child and for problems presented at home or school.

Why Use The Model?

Current home and school approaches to children are often not coordinated, work against each other, or are incorrect. High percentages of today's children are reflecting inadequate family and school methods by dropping out of school, abusing drugs and alcohol, having "accidents," and by being generally undermotivated and disrespectful. One of five children today consider suicide. Psychological testing, individual counseling, special education, and psychiatric or drug-related hospitalization are standard, but often incorrect and unsuccessful, attempts to help children. What is needed is an honest, school-based, collaborative team effort between home and school.

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