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Dr. J. Brien O'Callaghan, PhD., has authored 3 books on the subject of children, parenting and collaboration between families and schools. If you would like to order any of the following titles, please print out the order form below, fill it in and send it with the appropriate payment to: Dr. J. Brien O'Callaghan, 246 Federal Road, C-24, Brookfield, CT 06804.

"Parenting by Automatic Pilot" (1992)

  • Motivational Deficit Disorder: Causes, Meanings, And Solutions
  • Looking In The Mirror: Adult Problems Underlying Child Problems
  • School-Based Collaboration: Constructing A Partnership That Works
  • The Overcontrolled/Dominated Child: Finding A Way To Say Yes
  • The Undercontrolled/Terrorist Child: Victory Strategies for The Parent Hostage
  • The Overprotected/Excused Child: The Diagnostic Lay-away Plan
  • The Underprotected/Abused Child: Parenting Without Anger
  • Fathers: The Missing Ingredient In Child Success
  • The Influence Of The Larger System
  • Special Social Problems
  • Automatic Pilot Parenting
  • Public Policy and Children: Time For A Change

"School-Based Collaboration with Families: Constructing Family/School/Agency Partnerships That Work" (1993, Jossey-Bass Inc., San Francisco)

  • Key Components of the Model: A Blueprint for Collaboration; Collaborative Assessment and Intervention; Leadership Within The Ecosystem; The Importance of Direct Communication
  • Educating The Players: Assessment Skills For Collaborators; Training for Systems Interventions
  • Collaborative Team Interventions: Children Misdiagnosed with Intrapsychic Problems; When Child Managers Disagree; Underinvolved Fathers or Other Family Members; Helpers Outside The Nuclear Family

    "The Child Terrorist": Victory Stategies for Parent Hostages (1997)

  • What Is Child Terrorism?
  • The Cause OF Child Terrorism
  • The Solution To Child Terrorism
  • The Role Of The School
  • Roles for Others in the Ecosystem
  • Father Absence - The Case of Mark
  • Parent Competition - The Case of Greg
  • Adoption - The Case of Melanie
  • Medical Concerns - The Case of Jared
  • Sexual Abuse - The Case of Samantha
  • Encopresis - The Case of Dennis
  • Ecosystem Dysfunction - The Case of Seth
  • The Victory Plan
  • Questions and Answers on Child Terrorism







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